Sunday, January 03, 2010


Starbucks first thing (well first thing for me) at 10 am and had a Grande 5 pump mocha...can you say YUMMMM! I can!

Edited more pages on my book and I am thinking I should actually start to transfer these new edits to my computer copy. I really don't want to have to do it all at tonight I plan on starting the first of 7 chapters of edits that have I done.

I also told my niece to be on the lookout for the 7 chapters and to give me her feedback. My niece is an excellent grammarian (ha, had to look that word so she will be a great asset to read and help me through the process.

Haven't done much this afternoon...took a nap that left me kind of pissy about not having a job and also pissy about having to look for a new job. It really is a big pain in the patootie to have to look for work. Guess I am still ticked off about not having my job anymore...wouldn't you say.

Let's see what is happening in the romance department: nothing, absolutely nothing. Was talking on the phone to a lady who lives in the area and then all of a sudden no more phone calls, no emails...nothing. Not sure what happened but I guess that's okay...perhaps it just wasn't meant.

Hmmm, guess that is all for now.....

Remember...when one door closes another opens. This applies to so many aspects of life. And it is something I firmly believe in. I am after all an optimistic pessimist.


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Tempewytch said...


Good luck with the job hunting (again) and with the editing (ad it is good that you have someone to double check for you), equally good luck in the romance department! I'm sure the right girl is out there for you somewhere!