Saturday, January 02, 2010

Okay, Okay

Well, today I have done about 3 hours worth of editing on my book. I finally worked through some of the trickier (read confusing) parts of the plot. I am very happy that I finally got my head out of my ass or to put it nicer--I no longer suffer from severe cerebral anal inversion.

Now, don't think I have smooth sailing from here on out, oh no, there are still some sticky plot points I need to work through (read that as redundant).

I am finding that in allowing time to go by since I wrote the manuscript I am able to take a big step back and read it with fresh eyes. I tried to edit it like 2 weeks after I wrote it and I thought it was just the best thing ever written and was sure that publishing house would scoop it up as is. Thank goodness I did not embarrass myself and send it out that way. With the passage of time I am able to see the flaws and big huge holes (Grand Canyon size) that I just could not see earlier.

Okay, so that is the update for today...tomorrow who knows what you will get or if you will get enjoy it while it

Oh and Happy New Year to all...I do hope this year will be better than the last...can I get an Amen!


Tempewytch said...

Good luck with the writing! I need to get back to that (along with loads of other "things") - so keep us posted please :-)

MissPride said...

Yep, I sure will! And thanks for reading..*grin*