Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Office Depot

Whats playing on my Zune?
Bad Medicine by Bon Jovi

Well, thanks to Jules and her good idea, I took my flash memory stick and went to Office Depot and had my manuscript printed to 3-hole punch paper. All 215 pages copied in less than 15 minutes, the only problem...the cost. But, figuring in what printing it out on my little printer (only 50 pages at one time) and the cost of ink cartridges, not to mention the time involved in said actual printing on said teeny printer, the cost of having Office Depot print it out for me actually saved me money. Now granted I didn't have to have it printed to 3hole punched paper, but it saved me from having to buy a 3hole punch and then punching all 215 pages.

Getting some much needed work done in my kitchen. Had some problems with moisture getting into the back splash of my kitchen sink...so, scraping off all of the area and then re-mudding it, then will re-paint the area and then finally caulk the area (will caulk it like there is no tomorrow). It really shouldn't take that long to do and I like doing that type of work, working with mud and the paint. In fact, I always volunteer to do the painting. Something in painting the walls or on canvas just soothes me. It gives me a chance to think and to be left alone and not have to jump up and run here or there. When I am painting...I am painting...don't bother me.

Time to get back to work....


Julie Layne said...

Hey, you beat me to it! I still haven't printed mine yet, but that is coming up SOOOOON. It must.

You'll have to let me know how much it ended up costing.

I love painting, too (walls, mainly!). Feels like a fresh start.

I like the new things you're doing on your blog, by the way. (See, I told you people were suckers for seeing their name. Heh.)

MissPride said...

I think the total was around 24 dollars for 215 pages with 3hole punch paper and yes they charge extra to use the 3 hole punch paper. Why? I have no idea.

Thanks Jules, I felt I needed a fresh start...a new coat of paint (if you will) and it feels brighter and lighter. Not so damn depressing...lol

Anonymous said...

You've just reminded me that I need to copy my New Jersey CD to iTunes so I can rock out to Bad Medicine as well!