Monday, February 18, 2008


I am so excited! Hopefully, tomorrow I will get in the mail the book Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. I saw the movie years ago but I do not remember much about it and then the other day I was watching another movie on AMC or Showtime (not sure which) and the movie was "Daphne". All about Daphne du Maurier life and her love of other women. Hell I didn't even know she was on the sapphic team.
Anyway, the movie made me want to read "Rebecca" and so I went to of which I am a member and found a copy of the book and requested it. (If you haven't gone to do so is really worth it!) So to make a long story short the book should arrive in the mail tomorrow and I cannot wait to read it.

Let's see what is new in the exciting world called my life...hmmm not much. I haven't done any editing of the book I wrote. I don't know why, I just haven't. But I am itching to start another story but I will not until I get the 250 pages edited first!

Had to buy another DVD player yesterday at Walmart my 10 year old DVD player conked out. Thinking back to 10 years ago I paid in excess of 350 dollars for that DVD player and the one I bought yesterday cost me less than 50 dollars tax times and electronics have changed.

Lately I have had this wish of wanting to go to Paris, why because I read Gabrielle's blog Diary of an adult runaway and she lives in Paris and just reading her life there makes me want to jump on a jet and go there NOW! Oh well, perhaps someday I might just get to see the City of Lights!

Exercise has hit the skids...I was swimming everyday until I managed to get an eye infection (have no idea where or how) and it stopped me from doing any swimming for 2 weeks and well now getting my ass in gear to head to gym is like trying to move the ain't gonna happen. Lazy Lazy Lazy.

Time to go clean the kitchen...

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