Thursday, August 31, 2006


Today was my third day of working out, and I am finally over being in pain. I could not believe the difference between Ladies Workout Express and Curves. LWE (Ladies Workout Express) is so much more of a workout and it is all because of their adjustable machines, where Curves is set to one setting and cannot be moved. I was at Curves for 6 months and hardly lost much and my overall muscle tone was not that great, but I can tell already that LWE is going to do the trick. I will confess the first day was killer, and my legs burned and ached all night long. Can you say aspirin. But the next day I went back worked out all the soreness and today all the muscle burning and soreness is gone. I like it there LWE so much better, as I said the machines are adjustable, but they have way more to offer than Curves, and they don't preach to you like Curves does. Which really ticked me off to no end. I was there for a workout not worship.

My voice class is going well, and I am very pleased. Although, there is so much email with this class that it can get a little time consuming, but I can deal with it. All of my classmates are very nice and Barbara is very nice as well.
I do have a problem with confidence in my writing, and I am hoping that this class helps with that as well. I just need to write and write some more and keep on writing and finally I will get there!! Said with authority and confidence--you speak it--it will happen!!

Enough for tonight, workouts are still kicking my butt, but in a good way. I haven't slept so soundly in a long ass time.

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