Monday, August 28, 2006


Today, in fact this weekend, some major changes in my life have begun! This is a cause for big shout of joy, as I finally paid off one of my credit cards, the one that had the highest balance, and I do mean high. Also, today, I have finally gotten up off my fat ass and joined Ladies Workout Express here in my hometown. I am tired of looking like a fat cow, being depressed, no energy, and in general a piss poor attitude about everything! I remember how exercise and a good diet really improved my mind, my attitude as well as my body. Tomorrow is my orientation for this new place and I can hardly wait. I will not get carried away like I did at the other workout place, I pushed myself too fast and too hard and I got burned out. Seven days a week of exercise is not good, so I will limit myself to 3-4 days of workout and eat a good, balanced diet. I will post my weight here but not my measurements.

Todays weight is 225 1/4 pounds. One month from tomorrow I will post my new weight, and hopefully it will be down by a good 10 pounds. I hope, I hope!

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kitty said...

Hey sister~ I am here cheering you on!