Friday, September 01, 2006

First of September

First of September woohoo! Means fall is not far behind. Can't wait for the cooler weather. Today was a lazy day, got my grocery shopping done and then took myself out for lunch, my one day a week treat. Tomorrow back to the workout.
I am going to try to stay on a schedule--Tues, Wed, Thurs-Workout, Fri-Grocery Shopping and Lunch, Sat, Sun-Workout, and Monday off. Will see how things work out for this schedule.

I have an assignment for my voice class, I just dont know when I will be able to go somewhere to observe. Perhaps I will try the workout class, but I cant guarantee that there will be people there when I am......oh well.

I hope this holiday weekend is not like the last holiday weekend when I had to put my mom in the hospital. She was there for 3 days over Memorial Day and it was really hard for her, but damn, she needed to be in the hospital as she was in terrible shape.

Okay enough, I have depressed myself so I think I will end this post now.

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