Sunday, November 21, 2010


This post will probably get me into a lot of trouble with pregnant women but oh well, here goes.

The other day I was watching Ellen DeGeneres show and her guest was Pink, now I love Ellen and Pink so this is not about them but about the use of the word "glowing". Turns out Pink is pregnant (woohoo! for her and her hubby!), and Ellen kept using the word "glowing" as a lead in to Pink telling everyone she is pregnant. Cool, now I don't have a problem with Pink or Ellen but the word "glowing" to describe a woman who is pregnant is really a nails on blackboard moment for me.

This word, this glowing word is used this way as if a woman cannot glow without being pregnant just really sets me off. I will have you know that we woman can glow any time we damn well feel like it. You see it is not a physical thing that makes us glow, but it is our mental attitude that will put us in the mood to "glow".

You may ask why I am making a big deal out of the word to describe being pregnant...well, it is just something that ticks me see, we as woman are lead to believe that only giving birth...or being pregnant is the only way for us to truly be considered a fully fledged women. Well I beg to differ, I have not had a kid nor do I want to have a kid but damn it I can still glow if I want to....

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Tempewytch said...

I'm with you! I am bi (but married), can;t have kids due to an accident (not that I wanted any) so why do people look at me oddly when I say I don't have any *sigh*

The Dragon now Tempewytch