Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Girls In The Basement

The Girls in the Basement are making me very aware of their presence lately. I am seriously surprised that the outside world cannot see the girls working, kneading, shaping, forming all the thoughts, ideas, and story lines running through my brain.

While I sit and watch TV Chloe, Ardel, and Vivian sit quietly whispering back and forth to each other working and reworking a plot point, or an awkward paragraph. And every so often a certain point or just the right word will work its way up to my awareness and BAM! I have to turn off the TV and pick up a composition book and pencil and write, write, write what the girls are dictating to me.


The girls have been working overtime lately and I Love It!


Julie Kibler said...

My kids say they can tell when I'm thinking about the writing because I make funny faces and my lips move like I'm talking when I'm not ... :)

Glad those girls are getting busy!

Live, Laugh, Blog said...


All these years and I've never met the girls.

And they have names, too, and live in the basement!

In my world, the girls would be the voices you hear in your head but are afraid to admit you hear, and if anyone or anything is living in the basement, it's probably because they are being held prisoner there.

But, to each her own, I guess. ;)