Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First Edit

52 pages and counting till the end of my first run through (edit) of the book I wrote 2 years ago. I am amazed at how much fun and how much hard work is involved. I edit about 14 pages a day give or take and I must say I am really liking my story...the question is...will others...lol.

Here is my ritual for this editing thing that I do:

Go out to lunch somewhere then head over to Starbucks. Order an iced, decaf, tall, cafe mocha and then sit down and get to work. For some reason the atmosphere, the music and the constant stream of people in Starbucks does not distract me at all. In fact I am finding I am more engrossed by having all the "chaos" around me rather than sitting at home in my 1 bedroom apartment where it is too quiet even with my ipod blasting out some music.

I figure when I wrote the book I had Elvis playing on my computer media player (His Greatest Hits) and had a blast doing it so I guess having all the chaos at Starbucks surround me sort of fits right in.

Wonder what I will listen to when I write my next book....*grin*

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