Saturday, March 01, 2008


Whats playing on my Zune
Michael Feinstein Who Cares George and Ira Gershwin

Well I did it! I went and bought a Zune, a pretty red one 8gig. I was so excited to get it, I had been wanting one for a long ass time and I finally did it.

Here is how it went yesterday...I drove to Office Depot and was just going to look, well my just looking turned into buying and before you know it I was approved for an instore credit card and I was off and running. Brought the Zune home and tried to figure it out...MP3's no matter the brand speak greek to me so I had to go to the site and read the forums. Well after a frustrating couple of hours I managed to get some songs loaded on Windows Media Player and trasferred to my pretty red Zune! All was going really good until I realized my computer was bogging down terribly...yup you guessed it...too many music files loaded onto my laptops hard drive.

Well, to make a long story short (too late) off I went today back to Office Depot and looked at the external hard drives and got some good info on how they work and how to use it with my pretty red off I went to Walmart and bought their Seagate Free Agent 250gig external hard drive.

I know, I know, money, money, money. When all is said and done I paid less (aaahhheeemmm) than 300 dollars and now I am sitting here typing this post while I am ripping all my CD's to my pretty new external hard drive and then when I have a few done I wil sync it up with my pretty red Zune!

So there ya go...this is how I spent yesterday and today...Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!!


fishdog said...

well, i hope you have better luck with that zune than folks have had with vista!

i'm keeping it simple with my 2gb creative zen v (works with both mac and napster on the pc)

what's on your first playlist?

MissPride said...

Hi fishdog,
So far I am liking my Vista Laptop and

Playlist?,..well I am still trying to rip all my cd's to my external hard drive, then I will worry about a play list.

But, will tell you my music taste is varied, from Aerosmith to the Three Tenors, Elvis to Glen Miller, Motown to Korn...and everything in between...*grin*