Saturday, February 23, 2008


Do you believe in signs? No, not the stop sign signs, but the "cosmos is working in conjunction with whatever power out there to tell you that this is IT!"

Okay, let me set the scene here...yesterday as I stated in a previous post that I was going to write about my dad and what happened to him in 1948. So, today my mind is churning and churning and I knew I had some errands to run (the main one was to get a fax sent off to this Military Records place, I want to be accurate when I write about this), anyway, I head to Office Depot, get there and then walk over to the area that has the fax machine. I fill out the cover sheet and hand the girl the papers to fax, she walks away and I turn and look at what she was doing as I walked up to the counter. And wouldn't you just know it--she was photocopying a scrapbook for someone and all the pages she was copying were of a soldier from WWII. Pictures of him and his buddies in uniform, Western Union telegrams telling him of his leave and or orders, movie ticket stubs from 1944, and just so much more of the keepsakes from this mans time in service.

Well, this is when it hit me like a ton of bricks and the girl came back to the counter to hand me my papers and I asked her if she believed in signs. She looked at me kind of funny and said "Yeah, I guess. Why?" So I explained that I was writing this story (maybe a screenplay)about my dad during his time in the military and then I see this scrapbook and a lightbulb went off. She looked at me and said, "wow, that is a pretty big sign".

So dear readers do you believe in signs. I do!


Julie Layne said...

You know I'm a big believer in signs. That sounds like a great story!

Julie Layne said...

You know, your office supply store experience could even become a part of that story if you were to use flashback to tell it.