Friday, February 22, 2008


My name is misspride and I am a tacobell addict. I live, eat, breath taco hell and I need to stop. I can eat it everyday and I usually do, just ask my cholestral and my weight. I think I have a real problem here with this and I want to stop! I wonder if there is a group out there for those of us addicted to taco bell. In the past year I have gained so much weight by eating there and then adding more fuel to the fire by having soda as well, then coming home and eating a full dinner...can you say duh!

Well, right here, right now, and starting tomorrow I am going to try and stop eating at taco hell and get my weight down.

I saw my reflection in a window today and this made me so sad, I look like I am just a big slob and someone who doesn't care about themselves. I really am in need of help and hope that those who read this will send their best wishes. I am so upset for letting myself get this way...


Julie Layne said...

I have that problem with chocolate cheesecake ... sigh ... and it only takes once a week for THAT to be a problem.

Live, Laugh, Blog said...

You know, since you and I are of the same mind (in every way!) I can totally understand where you're coming from! Taco Bell is a curse.....and a blessing! I ask for it so much here, Mike has gotten sick of it. My only saving grace is that I can't drive to go get my own, or I would probably be there every day, too!