Friday, July 13, 2007


Today I uploaded most of the files I want to keep onto Google Docs/Spreadsheet. Almost all of my WIP are there and am trying to get the spreadsheets to upload. Did that this afternoon and the spreadsheets still aren't there. Going on 5 hours now. I am thinking something really jacked up with them. Damn it

I do want to thank Lynn for her suggestion to do this. That way you have all your files on another server in case something happens to your computer. I also have hard copies of most of my writing. Will do some more in the next few days. I also have saved to disk, both 31/2 and cd. So I think I am covered. I have thought about emailing them all to my hotmail acct. Will think about that one.

Anyway, that was my day today. My last weigh in was today, and I am still at 209, been there for 5 days now....grrrr. I need to do something to kick start it again.

Found a good blog to read today. It is Tammy Lynn Michaels Etheridge (married to Melissa). I am enjoying it so far! If you are interested in looking at it I have it linked under Blogs I Like.

That's it for today!

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