Wednesday, July 04, 2007

How I spent the day.

Today I spent the day with Nikki, and Kate. The two main characters in the story I am writing. I hadn't been with them in a long while and it was very good to see them again. We picked up right where we left off all those months ago. Just like good friends are supposed to do.

But I must admit I think Nikki is too damn shy, she wants to stay in the background and just react to what is around her. Now, this is not acceptable as she is the main character....sigh. Nikki, come on girl, let me hear your voice, show me your true colors. And for heavens sake do something!

I read a post on Barbara Samuel's blog the other day and a small statement caught my eye. I will quote her here as I do not want to mess it up:

"Sometimes beginning writers are afraid to pour all their love into their stories. They want to be more sophisticated than that, or more "interesting". Just do it, pour it all in. Let it shine."

This really struck me, because I have thought that sometimes a simple line or a simple turn of phrase is just too plain, and surely would not be good enough for a story.
Well, I am going to now stop this thinking and start to pour all my love into my stories and my characters. Let them and the story shine through.

Time to round up the girls in the basement, we got work to do!

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Julie Layne said...

Well, waddya know. When I was reading your chapters for critique last night, I was thinking to myself, this Nikki girl definitely has some guts hidden inside somewhere--she sure needs to stop letting things just happen to her.

That, I believe, could be a great part of your story--your character arc--the way in which she changes, because your main characters all have to change in some way by the end of the story. :-)