Saturday, December 09, 2006


Well b-day has come and gone. Had a great one this year! My bestest friend in all the world kaja took me out for lunch to one of my favorite places, and she also gave me a book mark, a beautiful card and a gift card to my favorite store...Barnes and Noble...woooohooooo! Thanks again kaja...I love you...but you know that...*wink*

Well, my so called plan to write so much before went by the wayside. Knew it would. Sigh...I have big ideas and then never follow through.

I sent my neice the first 2 chapters of the story I am working on...havent heard a thing back from her....they must be pretty well, back to the drawing board. Actually I think the further along in the chapters the better it not very happy with the first 2.

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Gabrielle said...

Happy belated birthday! Now, go write! ;-)