Sunday, August 13, 2006


Reading a blog of writer (Barbara Samuel) I really understood what she was saying about writing a book is like a marathon. It doesn't happen overnight it takes time and lots of it. I also agree that there is a 'brewing time', when thoughts and ideas roll around in your head and then you have to get them down on paper or computer disk or whatever. Lately I have really been "going to town" on my story, except for a few days here and there when I have been Lazy with a capital L. Speaking of Barbara, I am so excited about a class in 'voice' that she is offering even thought I can't really afford it, I am going to do it! As i stated in a previous post, writing is something I have wanted to do since I was a teenager, I can't really explain to a non writer or a non reader the feeling, the drive, the need, the want, to put word to paper. It is just something that I have to do, now whether anyone reads it, likes it, or if it is published is another story, but, it is something I have to do. The need to get it on paper and out of my brain. To see the words take shape and become a fully fleshed out story. Sometimes I have problems with a character, so I have to put or lay that character away for a time, let it 'brew' some more as Barbara says. If I am really having trouble, I tend to draw on something that has happened in my life and work it into the character and story. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't, but with this current story, I have had to go to that well and pull from it. Story telling is a gift, and to pass that gift on to someone else is a blessing.

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