Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mascara Commercials

File this under "Bitch of the Day"

As I sit in my lazy boy recliner a commercial comes on the television for mascara. The voice over in the commercials states "get longer, lusher, lashes by just using this product". The models they use are very pretty and the emphasis is indeed on the eyes, but what really pisses me off is this:

The models are wearing false eyelashes!

Well, duh, of course they have longer, lusher, lashes and the reason...the fucking lashes are fake. So you may ask why does this piss me off and here is my answer:As a teenager I used to wear makeup and I would fall hook, line and sinker for these false promises commercials. I would spend my saved up money for newer and newer mascara products that would finally fulfill the claim of longer and lusher lashes. But I would be disappointed every time and I would think it was was something wrong with my lashes. "Why don't mine look like the models in those damn commercials, why, why, why?

For years I was a slave to "trying to look like those in the glossy magazine and television ads, and I see as the years have passed that these cosmetic companies are still turning out these lying commercials. You too can have longer, lusher, lashes...but know the first rule:

you have to apply false eyelashes!

Stand up, don't let these commercials make you think that something is wrong with your lashes, tell them to piss off and tell the truth and show us what their mascara really does...

without the fucking false eyelashes!


Tiffany said...

I think the same thing every single time I see one of those commercials as well.

Peace, Love and Chocolate,

Tempewytch said...

Over here in the UK they now have to state that the model has false lashes on and that they were enhanced in post production, so you can sit there looking smug and going "yeah, you have naff eyelashes like me!"