Friday, July 17, 2009


Training is over for my new job and Monday I start on the floor. I am still going to be putting in resumes and applications in my field but for now this job will help pay for at least part of my rent or groceries.

Editing has taken a backseat to my job training but I am hoping this weekend to get back on it...hopefully.

Talked with a lady today who was interested in me...but doesn't look like it will work out...she lives too far away and doesn't have any free time away from her job. Oh well, I need and want a woman in my area and not some part time lover as the song

Looks like I won't be moving back to my home least not anytime soon and it is for definite that my ex girlfriend and I won't be getting back together and I am very sad.

But, life does go on...I will get by.

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Tempewytch said...

Well done on the new job (but yes keep looking round if it not 100% what you want!) and I am sorry you and your ex are definitely ex!