Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A mini artist's date

Yesterday, after reading an exercise in chapter 1 of the Artist's Way, I went to Walmart and looked around in the office/school supplies. There I found 2 booklets that are "encouraging" and "retro" types of stickers. Also, found some stars, a pair of children's scissors and some colored pencils. According to the exercise you should buy yourself some of these "silly" items and give yourself a star when you do your morning pages, or add a sticker of encouragement to what you are doing with the exercises, or just when ever you want to. Sort of like when we were in grade school and got gold stars put next to your name. Ohhhh, the pride that was felt, the feeling of being able to do anything. And knowing that someone else thought you were terrific.

So, that was a fun time buying those items, and then today I had to go to Office Depot, and while browsing I found some Post It Page Markers. They are about 1" wide and 2" long and have a picture along with a saying on them. The post it page markers I bought have the words "dream", "believe" and "imagine" on each of the markers respectively. This or rather, those words are what the Artist's Way is all about. Dreaming the dreams of what will fulfill your inner artist, Believing in yourself, knowing that you are an artist, and Imagining all that you can be. I found those posts its today and knew it was providence.

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