Monday, October 16, 2006

Collage Part 2

Well, I am slowly getting the material together for the collage. And I have changed my mind again on the main chracter...sigh. Anyway, I need to just get a few more things for the collage dealing with the minor characters in this project.

On to other things:
I am so fracking tired of red tape concerning some title work. The damn bank lost the original and I have to jump through hoops to get a duplicate. This pisses me off to no end but if I ever want to sell then I need all my ducks in a to speak.

I checked out another blog site 'word press' tried it, didnt buy it, found it way too complicated to use--not user friendly at all. So I will stick with Blogger for now, I just wish they offered more templates to choose from. I would so love a 3 column template. Oh well.

Joined a new group on yahoo--for lesbians over 40, guess I qualify for

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